Medical Malpractice Defense

The attorneys at Keating Jones Hughes are leaders in providing aggressive and successful defense of health care professionals, medical groups and care facilities, particularly hospitals, throughout Oregon and SW Washington. Our lawyers have defended through trial every type of medical care/issue imaginable during the last 40 years or more, including myriad high-stakes cases involving birth injuries, paralysis, significant brain damage, limb loss, among many other areas. We pride ourselves in understanding the complicated medical issues better than our opponents, working with our clients to make the best possible appearance at deposition and trial, and retaining excellent expert consultants who have sterling credentials and effective communication skills. We also utilize state-of-art technology for courtroom presentations, including sophisticated computer-generated and other demonstrative exhibits, to educate and persuade jurors. We also understand and have unique expertise in all legal issues surrounding medical malpractice actions, from complicated evidentiary issues, peer review and credentialing statutory protections, statutes of limitations/repose, and jury instructions. In fact, we have litigated at trial and on appeal every significant legal issue decided by Oregon courts, almost always with a successful outcome.