May 10, 2019

Attorney Peter Eidenberg Obtains Dismissal of Client in a Medical Malpractice Trial

Congratulations to Peter Eidenberg and Dale Fujimoto on a recent trial victory in Coos County. They defended the hospital in a multi-party emergency department case involving a patient who was discharged with a kidney stone and returned to the hospital three days later in septic shock. The plaintiff sought $525,000 in economic damages and $1,200,000 in non-economic damages. After a week of trial, the plaintiff dismissed Peter Eidenberg’s client the day before the case went to the jury, and attempted to proceed against the remaining defendants. The jury ultimately rendered a defense verdict for all defendants. The jury specifically found that the tort claim notice required to be provided to the hospital was untimely, which was the primary issue in the defense of the claims against the hospital.